Gary Mayes

Gary Mayes, D.Min, is Executive Director of ChurchNext for Church Resource Ministries (CRM). In this role, he leads the work of more than 75 staff on twelve teams who work with ministry leaders to transform the posture and impact of the church. Before joining CRM in ’97, Gary served in local pastoral ministry for twenty years. He has developed resources used by CRM staff and other leaders around the world, and is called upon to train, coach, and consult with pastors, ministry leaders, and their churches across the evangelical spectrum. This is Gary’s fourth book and will soon be joined by a 20th anniversary updated edition of his book, Now What? Resting in the Lord when Life Doesn’t Make Sense.

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DNA of a Revolution by Gary R. Mayes

DNA of a Revolution

We live in the midst of seismic change on every level of life. The destabilizing nature of that change has unleashed a global conversation about the nature, mission, effectiveness, and relevance of the church. This book contributes to that conversation by taking us back to the book of Acts in a fresh way. In Acts, Luke does not give us a paint-by-numbers guide, but the unvarnished story of that early church learning to follow Jesus and his mission. By looking closely at the turning points God used to shape their DNA, we will discover our own DNA and its revolutionary power to transform the church and our impact today. This is the story of how we might once again become a church that turns the world upside down.

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